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Guerrilla Rock Galore!

1. Those Smelly Rags Aren’t Mine 4:02
2. Darby Crashed The Party 5:37
3. Dear Diarrhea 5:30
4. Pak & Kietel (Kieteldood) 5:22
5. Wotcha Gonna Do 7:17
6. Andy Kaufman’s Shaggy Dog 3:51

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top --- watch clips of 'I Changed My Sex' --- our video vlog!!!
  Dear y'all, on June 7th Frank Crijns, guitarist and composer of Betonfraktion, passed
away. We lost a dear friend and are truly sad. A short video of the ceremony HERE.
In July 2023 we recorded a new album. We will mix it and present it in the fall.
It will be our last one. We'll keep you posted.

'I Changed My Sex', 6-track album. Listen to it on Bandcamp and
order the CD or digital download HERE.

Latest clip on our YouTube HERE.
Look at the clip of 'Those Smelly Rags Aren't Mine' on youtube HERE.

Also on cd-baby 'sure 'nuff 'n yes we do', click HERE.
Listen to the 4 trax on bandcamp HERE.

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Unfortunately we won't be able to play live gigs anymore
However, we recorded a new album, to be expected in the fall
of 2024!
In the meantime watch some vids
We've got new playlists on our YouTube.
You can check them out here

Or check out our vlog


mail us
betonfraktion [at] swarth [dot] nl

or call
+31 (0)6 18366145


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